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Uttarakhand : DG Education Banshidhar Tiwari in action, inspection done here, quality of mid day meal also checked

The Director General School Education inspected various inter colleges, upper primary and primary schools on Saturday. During this, he instructed to make efforts to increase the enrollment of students in the schools by having educational dialogue with the teachers. Along with this, asked to ensure the timely presence of teachers and students so that the educational work starts in the schools on time. Director General School Education Banshidhar Tiwari today conducted a surprise inspection of Adarsh ​​Government Inter College Maldevta, Government Inter College Bhagdwarikhal as well as Primary and Upper Primary School Sarkhet. In case the teacher’s attendance register was found incomplete, the in-charge Principal was instructed to complete the attendance register. Also asked to take action against those teachers who do not have leave applications. He instructed the teachers of science subject to ensure that the laboratory is used for practical works by the children while visiting the educational works of the school.

He instructed the in-charge principal and teachers to attend the school on time and make sure to do the teaching work. After getting information regarding the books of the library, he instructed the students to make arrangements for making books available from the library. Describing the situation as unsatisfactory when the classes of ‘Anandam’ were not conducted in the first recital in the school, he directed the Chief Education Officer, Dehradun, to seek clarification from the Principal, Government Inter College Maldevta in this context. Emphasized on taking necessary action to improve the arrangements in the school. The Director General had an educational dialogue with the teachers. In which all teachers were expected to increase the enrollment of students in government schools. From Principal to teachers, employees will have to contribute. Everyone has to be alert for the physical maintenance of the schools as well. Online related information like U DICE, student details, online training will have to be completed on time so that the state’s position in PGI assessment is satisfactory.

In Government Inter College Bhagdwarikhal, the Director General, School Education also observed the teaching work in the school. Along with this, instructions were given for immediate demolition of 02 dilapidated buildings in the school and instructions were given to make available the proposal of 02 class rooms. He also checked the quality of the food by taking mid-day meal with the children. Along with this, the children were informed about cleanliness, especially about washing hands before eating and after eating. Instructions were also given by the Director General for the immediate repair of the biometric machine of the school. The Director General also discussed with the teachers about their promotion and due to various court cases, the spokespersons/principals are not being appointed in the schools due to non-promotion, in this regard the teachers have to fight with each other in court cases from time to time. There has to be a reduction. He said that all the personnel associated with education will have to create positive thinking regarding the activities going on in the education department.

It was also expected by the Director General from the teachers that the students studying in the school should be present in the school on time as well as discipline should be taken full care of. The monitoring of State Pvt and State UP, Sarkhet was done by the Director General, School Education. Which have been destroyed due to disaster and are being operated simultaneously. Instructions were given to the District Education Officer (Preliminary) to take immediate action regarding the availability of its building and land. Instructions were also given by the Director General to the district level and development block level officials to inspect the schools from time to time. Parmendra Bisht, Joint Director, PM Nutrition, Akash Saraswat, Deputy State Project Director and Bhagwati Prasad Mandoli, Staff Officer, Samagra Shiksha were present during the inspection.