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MBBS studies in Hindi flopped! Doctors said – Medical syllabus will be limited

It was announced to start medical studies in regional languages. But now questions are being raised on this decision of the Central Government. Doctors believe that medical studies will be started in Hindi everywhere, which will affect the syllabus. Doctors said that Madhya Pradesh government’s decision to provide medical education in Hindi may initially help rural students, but it will severely limit their development and access to information.

It was introduced by Union Home Minister Amit Shah as part of an ambitious project of the Madhya Pradesh government to impart medical education in Hindi. Released books of three subjects in Hindi in October for the first year students of MBBS Course. Shah said that students across the country should come out of their linguistic inferiority complex and showcase their abilities in their own language.

IMA raised questions

According to Dr JA Jayalal, former National President of the Indian Medical Association, Shah may have said that the potential of the students will increase but, on the contrary, it can stop their development. Dr. Jayalal told the media that what we are talking about is modern medicine, it is universal medicine.

He said that it is not only used in India, it is prevalent all over the world, if you are trained in a regional language, you cannot expect to go abroad to study and enhance your knowledge and skills. He said that medical education cannot be taught only through books, for this one has to read international research papers, magazines and articles again and again. All these are written in English.

Medical education in regional languages

In the first phase, Hindi textbooks on Medical Biochemistry, Anatomy and Medical Physiology have been issued. Following the lead of Madhya Pradesh, the Uttarakhand government has also announced to implement similar measures from the next academic session.

According to the state’s Medical Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, a committee will prepare the draft of the new syllabus for Uttarakhand after studying MBBS Hindi syllabus in government colleges of Madhya Pradesh. Last week, Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K. Ponmudi had also said that the state government is now going to start MBBS course in Tamil and a committee of three professors was formed in this regard.