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Soldiers will get strong bullet proof jacket, enemy’s bullet will remain ineffective, Ministry of Defense issued tender

Now the bullet of the enemy will not be able to pierce the chest of Indian soldiers. Under Make in India, soldiers are going to get strong bullet proof jackets. A tender has also been issued for this by the Defense Ministry. Soon the consignment of indigenous bullet proof jackets will be distributed to the soldiers as soon as they are received. First of all, these bullet proof jackets will be given to the army personnel posted in Jammu and Kashmir, because the army often encounters terrorists here. In such a situation, the life of army personnel will be safe from bullet proof. At the same time, now the soldiers will make the enemy chew gram. The Ministry of Defense has issued a tender for the supply of 62500 bullet proof jackets. Only indigenous companies have been made eligible for this tender. Two separate tenders have been issued in these. Emergency purchase of 15,000 bullet proof jackets will be done in a tender. The remaining 47500 jackets will be bought in another tender.

This will be the specialty of bullet proof jacket

These bullet proof jackets will be totally different from the normal bullet proof jackets. Even steel core bullets used by terrorists will not be able to penetrate these bullet proof jackets. These bullets of terrorists used to get heavy on the bullet proof jackets being used now. This put the life of the soldier in danger. But now such bullet proof jackets are being manufactured under Make in India, which even store core bullets will not be able to penetrate. In such a situation, even the most dangerous bullet attack of the enemy will go empty. During this, the army will also get a chance to annihilate the enemies.

The first consignment will be received in three months

The 15,000 bullet proof jackets for which the Indian Defense Ministry has issued an emergency tender will be received in the next three to four months. All these jackets will be effective against steel core bullets. First of all, it has been decided to give these jackets to the jawans who are fighting terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. After that, other soldiers will also be given this powerful bullet proof jacket when the consignment arrives. Till now the jawans used to lack bullet proof jackets. But after the coming of the Modi government, now work is being done on increasing the security and capability of the army personnel. That is why they are being given state-of-the-art bullet proof jackets.