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Zelensky Claims: Russia fired more than 4700 missiles on Ukraine in nine months, hundreds of cities ruined

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been going on for nine months, is not taking the name of ending. Meanwhile, while telling the story of his country’s devastation, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that Russia has fired more than 4700 missiles in nine months. Hundreds of cities have been destroyed in these attacks.

President Zelensky said in a video address released on Sunday that Russia is using missiles fiercely to attack Ukraine. Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year. In the last 270 days, Russia has turned Ukraine into a ruined country by firing more than 4,700 missiles. There has been a huge loss of life and property in the war.

Thousands killed, over 3 million displaced
Russian attacks destroyed hundreds of cities in Ukraine. Thousands of people have died, including hundreds of people. More than 3 million people of Ukraine have been displaced and forced to take refuge in neighboring countries. Where Russia has occupied, people were also forcibly sent to Russia. Those who did not agree to this were put to death.

Electricity failure in severe cold, lakhs of people affected
Describing the condition of his country to the world, the President of Ukraine said in his message that due to Russia’s attacks, about two million people of the country are forced to live without electricity. Ukraine’s electricity and communications supplies have also been badly affected by the Russian attacks. Due to stoppage of power supply, people have to live without electricity in severe cold. Two reactors at Europe’s largest nuclear plants have been shut down because of the Russian threat. Zelensky said more than half of Ukraine’s power sector had been destroyed by the Russian strikes. The temperature is continuously falling and the troubles of the people are increasing.

Western countries are pressuring Russia to surrender
Earlier on Sunday, Ukraine made a sensational allegation that western countries are pressurizing it to surrender to Russia. Ukraine claimed that it is winning the war, but under the guise of peace talks, Russia can grab more land by attacking Ukraine, gathering strength again. US President Joe Biden had recently advised Ukraine to soften the stance for peace talks.

Zelensky’s adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, said Ukraine is regaining its lost ground by defeating Russia on the battlefield. At this stage of the war, the pressure of the West to compromise with Russia is like directly demanding the surrender of Ukraine to Russia. In an interview to the Serhiy Praytula Foundation, Podolyak said, Western leaders are saying that Ukraine cannot solve this war militarily.

Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant rocked by explosions
The United Nations’ atomic energy watchdog IAEA said 12 explosions rocked one after the other around Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear plant on Sunday. Russia and Ukraine blamed each other for the attacks. IAEA chief Rafael Grossi said that both the countries should declare it a prohibited area as soon as possible. Any kind of attack here is like playing with fire.