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Delhi : Keshav used to kill anyone he saw killing in the family, took four lives in three hours

In Rajnagar Part-2 located in West Delhi’s Palam area, Keshav killed grandmother Deewano, father Dinesh, mother Darshan and sister Urvashi by slitting their throats while playing a bloody game on Tuesday night. The people around are also stunned by this bloody game of Keshav, who knew Keshav very well. Within 2-3 hours after 8-9 pm on Tuesday night, Keshav killed his grandmother Deewano, father Dinesh, mother Darshan and sister one by one. Keshav, 25, was livid and killed the four one by one. After this, he was also ready to run away. The surprising thing is that while killing people, Keshav was collecting the jewelry and money kept in the house.

Loved grandma very much
According to the cousin, Keshav was very fond of his grandmother Deewano. There was also a special attachment between the two. At the same time, he was so angry with his grandmother for not giving the money on Tuesday night that he strangled her to death. According to the cousin, Keshav’s father Dinesh and mother Darshan were troubled by his drug habit and flatly refused to give money, so he used to ask his grandmother for money and the grandmother rarely refused. Despite this, when the grandmother refused to give the money, Keshav slit the throats of the crazy people with a shock.

Didn’t even feel sorry for my sister
After grandmother and father, when Keshav killed mother Darshan, sister Urvashi reached after hearing the noise. When she saw her mother covered in blood, she started making noise. Meanwhile, Keshav did not even feel sorry for his sister, whom he had promised to protect on Bhaiya Duj. He slit sister Urvashi’s throat with a jerk.

Was worried about leaving the job, used to get intoxicated too
Keshav, accused of murder, was working till some time ago, but due to some reasons he lost his job. He also used to take drugs for which he used to fight with his family members. Meanwhile, some time back he had a breakup with his girlfriend as well, due to which he was upset. All the members of the house were awake on Tuesday night, after which he committed the crime. According to the information, Keshav had killed the family members one by one.

Had returned from de-addiction center a few days ago
On the other hand, on getting the information, the Delhi Police has arrested the accused. This case of murder of all four people is of late Tuesday night. It is being told that due to the dispute, the young man killed his parents, sister and grandmother by stabbing them. It has also been learned that the youth had come out of the de-addiction center a few days back.

Murder in Palam’s Rajnagar Part 2 house
It is being told that the youth accused of killing four members of the family had returned from the de-addiction center a few days back. On Tuesday night, he had a fight with the members of the house over something, after which he killed all four. The surprising thing is that the accused did not try to run away after committing the murder. Not only this, he kept sitting near the dead body till the arrival of the police in the house itself. It is being told that even after coming back from the de-addiction center, he was not able to give up the addiction completely.