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Health deteriorated after watching Bigg Boss, admitted to hospital, Sumbul’s father apologized for abusing Tina Datta, said – was in ICU

Bigg Boss 16’s contestant Sumbul Touqueer Khan remains in discussion these days. Due to possessiveness and over-the-top caring behavior for Shaleen Bhanot, Sumbul is constantly getting trolled on social media. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan also showed Sumbul a mirror, after which Sumbul’s father abused Tina Dutta on National TV. Now while talking with, he has clarified about this.

What did the father say on Sumbul’s trolling?

On the trolling of Sumbul on social media, the father of the actress said – After watching the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, my health deteriorated a lot. My blood pressure had become high. I have heart problem too. My younger daughter had given me medicine and put me to sleep. Then in the morning I was admitted to the hospital. I was continuously in ICU. I was being given medicines continuously. I was in a state of unconsciousness. But later my younger daughter told that in the state of unconsciousness, I was taking Sumbul’s name again and again.

Sumbul’s father said- The daughter tried through the manager that Sumbul should meet me. But then she came to me and gave me a phone call to talk to Sumbul. I was in a state of unconsciousness at that time, I did not understand, I spoke to him in a state of unconsciousness. I don’t know myself what’s the matter. After 2 days, when I came home after being discharged, I saw the episode.

Sumbul’s father further said – I am ready to apologize from the bottom of my heart to everyone for those words that have created a ruckus, if I uttered abusive words in a state of unconsciousness. Those words were wrong on me. But I said that in a state of unconsciousness. But I am not justifying it. I apologize to Tina’s mother for my words which have hurt her. I would like to tell Tina’s mother that my one word brought tears to your eyes, but your daughter has been continuously saying wrong words to my daughter for 50 days, so how much she must have hurt me.

“But will her mother be able to show such a big heart that her daughter who has been calling my daughter wrong since day one, will she be able to apologize for that. I apologize for my words, I believe in pushing girls forward. I don’t even know when I talked to Sumbul on the phone. After watching the episode, I asked my daughter whether I had said all this? You will understand from my voice in what condition I was at that time.

Sumbul’s father abused Tina on the show
In fact, in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had clearly said that Sumbul is obsessed with Shaleen. Salman reprimanded Sumbul for forcefully following Shaleen. After Sumbul’s scolding in Weekend Ka Vaar, Sumbul’s father spoke to his daughter through a call. While talking to Sumbul, he abused Tina and Shaleen on National TV. Sumbul’s father is being trolled a lot on social media for abusing a girl on TV. Tina’s mother started crying. Shaleen’s father also replied to Sumbul’s father. There was a lot of uproar over abusing a girl on National TV, after which Sumbul’s father has now clarified about his bad language.