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Rajasthan / Ajmer: Wife kept saying forgive and husband slit her throat, intercast marriage took place after 26 days

A shocking case came to light on Wednesday in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Where a husband killed his wife and put her dead body in a sack and took it on a scooty and set it ablaze. The case pertains to the Christian Ganj police station in the district. Where the husband killed the newly married woman only 26 days after the intercaste marriage. She kept begging in front of her husband. Kept saying – forgive me, I will not do this now. Even then the husband’s heart did not sweat and he killed his wife by slitting her throat. The police have arrested the accused husband.

According to the information, Mukesh Sindhi (34), living in Dwarka Nagar street number-4 of Christian Ganj police station area, has a clothes shop in Naya Bazar. Mukesh was married 26 days ago to Jennifer (32), a resident of UIT Colony, Bhagwan Ganj. Despite being from different castes, both of them had an arranged marriage.

Neighbors told- There was a fight between the husband and wife at around 11 am on Wednesday morning. Jennifer was saying sorry, won’t do that now. After some time the sound stopped coming. Mukesh left the house and then came back. After this he had come out with a sack, he fell down while putting it on the scooty. During this, the neighbor saw Jennifer’s body in the sack and informed the police.

When the police broke the lock of the house and opened the gate, they found traces of blood inside. Meanwhile Mukesh also reached home, on seeing the police he started running. However, he was caught near the Collectorate. During interrogation, he confessed to killing his wife Jennifer. He told Mukesh that he had thrown Jennifer’s body in Pushkar. Later, the police recovered the body from the spot.

Both didn’t talk to anyone
It is being told that both were married 26 days ago. In which his neighbors also participated. Neighbors say that both husband and wife rarely came out of the house. He didn’t even have much conversation with anyone. Police investigation revealed that Mukesh had bought this house three years back. Mukesh and Jennifer were living here after marriage. Mukesh’s mother came home to meet him once or twice. Answer CO Chhavi Sharma said that the accused Mukesh Keshwani (36) has been arrested. The knife used in the murder and Jennifer’s body have also been recovered. The PM of his dead body will be done on Thursday.