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Security lapse in PM Narendra Modi, drone flown in no flying zone in Ahmedabad rally, three arrested

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was holding a public meeting in Ahmedabad regarding the Gujarat elections. During this, a case of major lapse in the security of PM Modi has come to the fore. In the midst of a rally being held in Bavla district, three people were recording video with a drone camera. On the other hand, the district administration had declared the two kilometer area near the assembly as no drone flying zone on Wednesday (November 23).

Police constable Anoop Singh Bharatsang told that around 4.30 pm three people were operating the mico drone. Meanwhile, we got the drone operator to bring it down. On examining it, it was found that it was being blown up to make a film, there was no explosive in the operating camera fitted in it.

Arrested Nikul Rameshbhai, Rakesh Kalubhai and Rajeshkumar Mangilal Prajapati have been arrested under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and an FIR has been registered. Although no previous criminal record has been found of all three, who are not associated with any political party or organization. The police said that at first glance, their intention to harm anyone is not visible.

What did PM Modi say?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the BJP government in Gujarat has transformed the education sector and made it more scientific and modern. He told that the budget of education in the state has increased to 33,000 crores.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks come at a time when Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal has been touting the “Delhi model” of education during the election campaign, promising that If the government of her party is formed in the state, she will show it by making radical changes in the government schools.