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Madhya Pradesh / Indore : Wanted to build a body like Salman Khan, the young man got the horse injected, condition worsened

Today’s youth are not holding back from risking their lives for six pack abs. Taking medicines and supplements without medical advice. Its harmful consequences are also coming to the fore. A similar case has also come to the fore in Indore. A young man got injections given to a horse in his desire to make a body like Salman Khan. A shop operator had told him that these injections along with protein powder could bring changes in his body. The body of the young man has not become like that of Salman Khan, his health has definitely deteriorated. Body started aching. There was swelling in the liver. He came to know later that the injection given by him was given to horses.

The case pertains to Vijay Nagar area of ​​Indore. Jai Singh, a resident of Chhoda Bangarda, was going to the gym for two months. He took protein powder and an injection without consulting a doctor. His health deteriorated after the injection. There was swelling in the liver. There was pain in the whole body, especially in the stomach. When he reached the doctor, he came to know that the injection given by him is given to horses. In this matter, he has lodged a complaint with the Vijay Nagar police station. A nomination report has been written against the shop operator Mohit Ahuja.

Jai Singh says that shop operator Mohit Ahuja had claimed that after applying protein powder and injection, changes would start in the body. After two months this difference will be visible. His health deteriorated only after applying the first dose. The police is now ascertaining how many people have been injected by the shop operator so far. On the basis of this, a case will be registered against him.