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Uttar Pradesh / Bahraich: The people of Muslim society set an example, performed the last rites of a Hindu youth according to the eternal customs.

A unique picture presenting an example of humanity has come to the fore in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the people of the Muslim community broke the walls of religion and performed the last rites of a Hindu youth in a traditional manner and performed the duty of humanity. The young man had passed away two days ago, in the absence of any member in the family of the deceased, the people of the Muslim community of the area showed Hindu-Muslim unity by performing the last rites of the deceased following Hindu rituals.

Let us tell you that after the death of a 28-year-old poor Hindu youth living in Fakharpur town of Bahraich district, the social workers of the neighboring Muslim community, along with their colleagues, performed the last rites of the young man according to the traditions of Sanatan Dharma. Got it done The parents of the deceased youth had already passed away. There were two brothers and one sister in the family. The deceased Jeetu was the youngest, who died on Monday night in the Wazirbagh area of ​​the city. The police handed over the dead body to the people of the village after post-mortem.

The relatives of the deceased gave this information to the Muslim social worker and the relatives told that they do not even have money for the last rites. Then what was it, as soon as the matter was known, the Muslim social workers arranged for the last rites of Jeetu with their own money and collected the people of the nearby Hindu class and all the people took Jeetu’s bier to the cremation ground. Where according to the customs of Sanatan Dharma, the last rites of the deceased Jeetu were performed. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Seeing the picture presenting the example of humanity, people are appreciating it a lot.