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Uttarakhand : After all, why did Congress State President “Karan Mahara” call “Pushkar Singh Dhami” a weak Chief Minister?

State Congress President Karan Mahara has attacked the government in the SLP case. Mahara said that Pushkar Singh Dhami is proving to be a weak Chief Minister. He has also raised questions on the decision making ability of CM Dhami. In the press conference held at Congress Bhavan, Mahara said that first the government applied to withdraw the SLP in the Supreme Court, later said that we will not withdraw it. The CM’s statement came that he was kept in the dark by the authorities in this matter. This is indicating that CM Dhami is not able to take decisions. If the officials misled the Chief Minister, is the government going to take any action against such officials, he asked?

He said that the statement of the Chief Secretary has also come to the fore in Mussoorie Chintan Shivir, in which he said that the officers are not working on the files, which is a matter of great concern. He said that red tape prevails in the government. The instructions of the Chief Minister and the government are not being followed here.

DGP’s resignation sought again

Karan Mahara raised the question of Ankita Bhandari murder case, VIP’s name not disclosed, Kedar Bhandari’s disappearance, UKSSSC paper leak and law and order, once again demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister while taking action against the DGP.

Wives of officers running NGO

PCC president Mahara said that details of the assets of the bureaucrats in the state should be sought. NGOs are running in the name of their wives. Everyone understands how these NGOs are running. The government should pay attention to this. Attention should be paid to the point of CS, in which he has indicated, the officers are not doing their work properly.

All leaders cannot come together on one platform

On the question of Pritam not attending the Sachivalaya Kooch programme, Mahara said that all the leaders cannot be together at the same time. He said that everyone is working hard on different fronts to strengthen the party. There is no factionalism in the party.