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Center returns 20 files related to appointment of High Court judges to Supreme Court Collegium

The Central Government has asked the Supreme Court Collegium to reconsider 20 files which are related to the appointment of judges in the High Courts. While giving this information on Monday, sources said that it also includes the file of advocate Saurabh Kirpal, who has told about himself being gay. Sources aware of the process of appointment of judges in the Supreme Court and High Courts said, “The central government has raised strong objections to the recommended names and returned the files to the collegium on November 25.”

He said that out of these 20 cases, 11 are new cases, while the apex court collegium has reiterated nine cases. The collegium headed by the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court NV Ramana has recommended the name of advocate Saurabh Kripal for appointment as a judge in the Delhi High Court. Saurabh Kripal Former Chief Justice of the country B.N. Kripal has a son.

The apex court collegium postponed the name thrice

Kirpal’s name was sent to the Supreme Court Collegium by the Delhi High Court collegium in October 2017, but it is being told that the apex court collegium postponed thrice the consideration of Kripal’s name. Advocate Kripal recently told NDTV that he feels that the reason for his neglect is his sexual orientation.

Supreme Court had expressed displeasure

Justice Ramana’s predecessor, the then Chief Justice SA Bobde, had reportedly asked the government to provide more information about Kripal. Ultimately, the collegium headed by Justice Raman decided in favor of Kirpal in November 2021. The Supreme Court on Monday expressed displeasure over the central government’s delay in approving the names recommended by the collegium for appointment as judges in higher judiciary, saying it effectively de-motivates the appointment process. .