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100 companies of UK will work only 4 days a week, India gets maximum work done by employees worldwide!

More than 100 companies in the United Kingdom have agreed to a four day working culture. That means four days work and three days off in a week. Till now, there is five day work culture in most of the countries of the world. But people are finding it difficult to reconcile their personal and professional life in this too. Since then the ‘four day working’ culture is being talked about all over the world. Now 100 UK companies have agreed to implement it. Along with this, the companies have also agreed that there will be no cut in the salaries of the employees during this period. Means the employees will get the same salary even after working for four days.

Productivity of employees will increase

More than 2500 employees work in these hundred companies. Companies believe that four days a week working culture will bring transformational changes in the country. This will keep the employees mentally strong and give their 100% in the work. Two big companies Atom Bank and Global Marketing Company Avin are also included in these hundred companies. More than 450 employees are working in both the companies. Speaking to the media, Avin’s CEO Adam Ross said, ‘We are seeing the new pattern as the most revolutionary first in history. With this, consumer service will be better and without putting less burden on the employees, their talent can be improved.

In the year 2019, the famous technology company Microsoft also adopted the ‘Four Day Working Culture’ in Japan. Later, the company called it a success and said that the ‘four day working’ culture increased the productivity of the employees and the rate of leave taken by the employees also decreased by a quarter. Apart from this, many companies of France and New Zealand had also adopted ‘Four Day Working Culture’.

Many other companies of the world are also considering the ‘four day working’ culture. More than 3000 people are working in these companies. In the report released by these companies in September, it was said that the ‘four day working’ culture is beneficial for the company and the employees are doing good work.

Work on ‘Four Day Working’ culture was started by about 60 companies in UK 6 months back. It was one of the world’s biggest pilot projects so far regarding working culture. Researchers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities also participated in this.

Companies take the most work in India

India ranks second in the world in getting its employees to work. Gambia ranks first. An employee in India works for his company for an average of 50 hours a week. The condition of Pakistan and Bangladesh is slightly better than India. Here the employees are made to work for an average of 47 hours in a week.

However, there is talk on the four-day working culture in India as well. But there is talk of increasing the working shift in India. After the introduction of the four-day working culture in India, employees can be made to work for at least 12 hours in a day.