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Uttarakhand / Haldwani : Mysterious fire started again and again since 23 days, worship was also done, electricity connection was also cut, still the process of fire in the house continues

The mysterious fire that has been raging for 23 days in Malla Gorakhpur of the city has not yet been extinguished. How this fire started, it has not been known even after a lot of effort. The administration also got it investigated, but till now this fire has remained a mystery. While it has taken the whole city by surprise, the people living in the house have vacated the house and started living in rented rooms. Now the commissioner also came to see this mysterious fire.

The fire broke out for the first time on November 8

The fire started in the house on November 8, when the electrical board suddenly caught fire. Somehow the power was cut off and the fire was put out. But the very next day again this fire broke out in another part of the house. On this, everyone thought that this might be happening due to short circuit, after which the line was checked by calling the electrician, but no fault was found anywhere. If the fire did not stop, the electricity connection of the house was also disconnected. Even after this the fire kept on burning everyday.

Electricity connection cut, but fire not extinguished

The house belongs to Kamal Pandey, a resident of Malla Gorakhpur. He told that in 1951 this house was built in 1600 square feet. There are nine members in the family including younger brother. On November 8, at seven o’clock in the evening, the electric board in his house caught fire. This fire was extinguished by the understanding of the relatives. The electrician was called and got the board rectified. But the very next day the electrical board in the toilet caught fire. He told that the family members suspected fault due to the fire that broke out twice. On this the power connection to the meter was also disconnected. Due to this, the electricity of the whole house disappeared, but not the fire. Even after this, the clothes kept in the junk made in the bed, inside the cupboard, cooler, temple and bed have caught fire.

The family also conducted worship

Troubled by the mysterious fire, the housemates are in panic. The family has shifted the elderly and children by renting two rooms in front of the house, while Kamal and his brother are sleeping outside to keep watch. Goods have also been removed from the fire in the house. The family has got the deities worshiped in this regard.

The discussion became a fire, the city magistrate reached

Gradually this fire became a topic of discussion in the city. When the matter reached the officials, City Magistrate Richa Singh also reached to inspect the police house. Then he had said that the matter would be investigated scientifically.

Now the commissioner also reached

Here, when the fire did not stop, now Commissioner Deepak Rawat has also reached to know the condition and reason of the house. Along with conducting a forensic examination of the material burnt in the fire, he has instructed UPCL engineers to check the electrical wiring of the house. The commissioner also directed the owner of the building to install cameras inside the house. Also asked City Magistrate Richa Singh to collect the material destroyed by the fire and send it for forensic examination, so that the cause of the fire could be known. He also instructed the executive engineer of Jal Sansthan to get the sewer tank cleaned and the officials of Energy Corporation to get the power supply line checked.