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Maharashtra / Nasik : Parents threw their own newborn baby girl in the garbage! Then the dogs scratched, CCTV footage in the hands of the police

There is a heart wrenching news. There is a water tank near Chunchale of Ambad Cidco campus in Nashik city of Maharashtra. Many stray dogs were frozen near the waste of this water tank. It was not an everyday picture for the people passing by. The number of dogs was more than everyday and all were in a herd. When some people reached near, their eyes remained open. One day old baby girl was lying thrown in the garbage heap and dogs were scratching her body. The gathered crowd chased away the dogs and informed the Ambad police station. On Tuesday, the police reached the spot as soon as the information was received. There were tears in the eyes of the policemen while doing the Panchnama. How can any parent throw away their own born child like this? This question was echoing in my mind. Nearby CCTV footage was examined and heart-wrenching scenes came to the fore.

She was born as a daughter, what was her fault in this?

The baby girl was born on Monday midnight. She was born as a daughter, it was not her fault. When she was only a few hours old, her parents filled her in a polythene bag because she was a daughter and while walking, threw her in the mud on the roadside near the water tank. The girl kept crying in the bitter cold. Only then the stray dogs of the street reached there. They started scratching the girl’s hands and feet. After suffering unbearable pain, the girl child died again. This incident was captured in CCTV.

When the baby would have been thrown, she must have moaned… didn’t your heart sweat?

As soon as the local people got the information, the police was informed. The police took the girl to the district hospital. But even before the treatment, the doctors declared him dead. Police has got CCTV footage in their hands. The Ambad police have registered a case and have stepped up efforts to nab the accused. The local people are surprised to think that when that little girl was thrown away by her parents, she must have cried. How are those parents, whose heart would not have sweated then.