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WhatsApp Call is no longer Free! Big amount will be recovered then only you will be able to talk to close ones

Many features are given to the customers using WhatsApp. While the company is working day and night to improve chatting, sending and receiving media has also become much easier on WhatsApp. Let us tell you that another strong feature is given on WhatsApp which is WhtsApp calling which is used by everyone nowadays. Although you have been using this feature for free till now, but in the coming time, WhatsApp users may have to pay for this feature as well. Knowing this thing, users will definitely get a little shock, but in reality it can be done.

The amount can be recovered in the coming time

Let us tell you that calling on WhatsApp will probably be heavy on your pocket in some time, we are saying this because such information has been received that this decision is being considered and if everything goes right then you will get some time. You will have to pay for every WhatsApp call. It is obvious that knowing this thing, WhatsApp users must have got a big shock because except for normal calling, users are resorting to WhatsApp calling only, but in the coming time, new rules may come regarding this.

Telecom companies are facing losses

The reason behind paying for WhatsApp calling can be understood that telecom companies are suffering due to this. Actually, WhatsApp calls can be made with the help of internet even without any SIM card and this is the reason that DoT (Department of Telecom) has sought opinion from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) on the decision to charge on this internet calls. And if everything goes right then in the coming time a huge amount can be charged for WhatsApp calling.