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If you know, from what things lipstick is made! Will you forget to put it on?

Lipstick is such a makeup product that you can easily find in any woman’s makeup kit. Even if a woman is not very fond of makeup, lipstick will be found in her makeup kit? Don’t know how many shades of lipstick are available in the market, but do you know how lipstick is made? If not, then we will tell you and today we will also tell you some fun facts related to lipstick. Keep reading this news…

What things are used?

Oil, wax, pigments, fragrance, gloss, etc. are used to make lipstick. For the long life of lipstick, many types of preservatives and alcohol etc. are also used in it. Apart from this, the company also uses many other things, but their information is not made public. Today let’s know what is the process of making lipstick.

How is lipstick made?

First of all the pigments are mixed. Actually, pigments are a type of color and different colors and shades are made by mixing them. They are mixed with oil and in this mixing oil and pigment are in 2 to 1 ratio.

After this the process of molding is done. Which is done at a specific temperature and then cooled rapidly. Along with this, care has to be taken in this process that there should be no air anywhere in this mix. After this it is cooled and its sticks are made by taking out from the moulds. After which some finishing work is done and they are packed and sold in the market.

First commercial lipstick

If seen, lipstick is being used since a long time. Earlier women used to break stones and crush them, and used to color their lips and lips with them. On the other hand, if we talk about the first commercial lipstick, then the first lipstick for sale was made by the French brand Guerlain in 1884. Now this brand is known for making the most expensive lipstick in the world.

Use of animals

Since time immemorial, various body parts of animals and insects have been used to make lipstick. However, now the emphasis has increased on being vegan from food to cosmetic products. Now many brands have started making vegan lipstick and makeup products, but still many products from animal skin to other organs are being used.