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Uttar Pradesh / Aligarh : By becoming a fake police officer, he cheated the police, made more than 100 police station victims, cheated crores of rupees

Aligarh Police has busted an inter-state fraudster gang. Who used to cheat police officers by posing as police officers. Aligarh’s SP City Kuldeep Singh Gunawat disclosed that more than 100 policemen were killed by these thugs. Made his victim and about 2 to 2.5 crore rupees have been cheated. This matter came to light when a call was made to Aligarh Police Station Delhi Gate Incharge and money was asked from him in the name of information, then the SHO got suspicious. After which the SHO informed about this to the higher officials. In view of the sensitivity of the entire matter, the higher officials got the entire episode investigated through surveillance.

Used to make huge demands in the name of sharing confidential information

Investigation revealed that it is a fake cheating interstate gang. After which police station Dehli Gate arrested three vicious thugs with the help of surveillance. When the thugs arrested by the police were interrogated, while giving information, they told that they used to make calls to the police stations by posing as police officers. In the name of disclosing confidential information, the gangs used to get ₹ 5000 to ₹ 50,000 from the Thanedars to be deposited in their accounts. Here, three mobiles, 5 fake SIM cards, a list of target mobile numbers, 5 fake Aadhaar cards, and Rs 7100 have been recovered from their possession.

How was the gang exposed

Giving information, SP City Kuldeep Singh Gunawat said that under Operation Prahar, being run by SSP Kalanidhi Naithani, police station Dehli Gate arrested three vicious thugs. It has been revealed in the inquiry that this police officer and informer used to call the police station chief. Used to ask for huge amount in the name of telling them many big incidents. One such case happened with Delhi police station incharge of Aligarh. He received a call from a gang leader and demanded money in the name of narrating the incident.

So far 100 people have been victimized by calling

The SHO suspected the caller, after which he informed the jurisdictional SP City about the incident. After which SSP Kalanidhi Naithani traced the said number on surveillance. In the investigation, it was found that these are vicious thugs and they carry out such type of incidents every day. Police arrested three vicious thugs with the help of surveillance. When the police strictly questioned them, they told that they have called about 100 people so far and money has also been taken from all of them.