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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Torture by the police made him handicapped! On setting up a vegetable shop, Diwan threw the scales on the track, when he went to pick up, both legs were cut off from the train

‘Don’t throw my scales, I am moving my shop from here…’ a poor vegetable seller kept shouting but the police did not listen and threw his scales on the nearby railway track. Immediately after this, the vegetable seller reached there to pick up his scales, but before he could get up from there, both his legs were cut off from the train. This heart-wrenching incident is from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Here in Kalyanpur police station area, due to the bullying of the police, both the legs of a poor man were separated from his body forever. After coming in front of this inhuman face of Kanpur Police, UP Police has started damage control of this case. The police has suspended the accused Diwan. According to the information, the person had set up his vegetable shop in front of the Kalyanpur police station. He was selling tomatoes. Only then the diwan of the police station reached there and picked up his scales and threw them on the railway track. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

People ran after seeing the blood-soaked body

When the vegetable seller named Laddu went to lift his scales, at the same time the train arrived and before he could get away from there, both his legs were cut off by the train and he was screaming. His body was soaked in blood. Seeing his condition, some people picked him up from the track and admitted him to the emergency ward of Halat Hospital in Kanpur. The condition of the shopkeeper is critical.

Police first hurried then threw the goods

People present on the spot said that Diwan Rakesh had reached there with Inspector Shadab. First, he thrashed the vegetable seller a lot. After this, he immediately picked up the scale of the vegetable seller and threw it on the railway track. During this, the vegetable laddu kept pleading with both of them with folded hands.

He kept saying don’t throw away my scales, I will remove my shop. But the police officer did not listen to him. They picked up his belongings and threw them on the railway line. After this, seeing his scales on the railway track, he also reached there to take it and at the same time the train arrived there. Both his legs were severed from the train.