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Changes in the rule of jobs on ‘compassionate basis’ in UP, now they will also get benefit

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced new rules regarding jobs based on ‘compassionate grounds’. UP Govt has allowed dependent children of government aided secondary school teachers and non-teaching staff to be eligible for jobs on compassionate grounds. This means that if an employee working in schools dies while in service, one of his grandchildren will get a job in that school. Presently the number of government aided secondary schools in UP is 4,512. In fact, till now only the widow/widower, son, unmarried or widowed daughter of the deceased employee was considered as a member of the dependent family for the job on compassionate grounds. After the death of the employee, any one of them was given a job. However, now the UP government has changed this rule. This has made one more generation of the family eligible to get a job.

What do the new guidelines say?

According to the revised guidelines, if the deceased has no wife or husband, son or adopted son, daughters, widowed daughter-in-law, dependent unmarried brother, unmarried sister or widowed mother, then in such a situation, dependent grandson or unmarried granddaughter will be given a job. will be given. Further, if the dependent does not have Computer Concepts (CCC) qualification, he/she will have to acquire this course within one year of getting the job.

Supernumerary post will not be created

After the recent amendments to the Intermediate Act 1921, the Uttar Pradesh government has done away with the system of creating supernumerary posts in state-run schools. In fact, in the absence of any post earlier, compassionate appointments were made by creating supernumerary posts. But the compassionate candidate was not appointed on this post.

However, now in the new system, the dependent will be appointed in the same school where the deceased was employed. If there is no vacancy in the concerned school, then the dependents will be given a job in the district or divisional level office. If there is no vacancy at the division level also, then appointment in any other district outside the division will be considered.