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Lawyers are unable to even have lunch – Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi raised the issue, Chief Justice said – will talk in full court meeting

Lawyers in the Supreme Court are facing a different kind of problem. Lawyers have to go to different benches to plead their cases. They also go. But this does not give them time to have lunch. Actually, the timings of the benches are different. If one bench is not on duty, it is not necessary that the other will not be on duty. When senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi raised the issue, CJI Chandrachud assured him that he would discuss the issue in the full court.

Mukul Rohatgi said that every bench works according to its convenience. Their way of working and time is different from others. Some judges get up for lunch at 1 in the afternoon, while some have lunch break time at 2 in the afternoon. But the lawyers have to bear the brunt of this. Lawyers do not even get time to have lunch as they have to go to different courts for hearings.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that taking lunch on time is very important for lawyers who are diabetic patients. Such people have to take a dose of insulin. But because of not being able to have lunch, he could not take insulin. There is also a danger of deteriorating their health due to this.

After listening carefully to the lawyers, CJI Chandrachud agreed that this is a serious issue and it should be discussed in detail. He said that whenever there would be a full court meeting, he would discuss the issue with fellow judges. The CJI said that the judicial system is incomplete without lawyers. We have to discuss their problem seriously. But for this it is necessary that when all the judges are present then this issue should be kept in front. This can lead to the correct solution of the problem.