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The young man stuck a splinter in his mouth, watch Dr.’s LIVE operation, case of Gopalganj

In Bihar’s Gopalganj, a young man’s prank with an iron scabbard became so costly that the doctors had to perform an operation to save his life. The video of this young man putting iron scabbard in his mouth is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. The whole matter pertains to Gopalganj district of Bihar. Here a young man put a splinter in his mouth while playing sports. Then what was it, the scabbard got stuck inside. Its video has surfaced on Sunday. The incident is of Sadhu Chowk locality of Nagar police station area.

Bitten in the mouth while working

It is said that Mithilesh Kumar, a resident of Sadhu Chowk locality of Nagar police station area, is mentally deranged. On Saturday, the young man was working with a scabbard near his house. Meanwhile, the young man stuck the scabbard in his mouth and started shouting. Seeing the exploits of the young man, the people around informed the family members about it. The relatives tried to remove the splinter from the young man’s mouth, but when it did not come out, everyone got upset. The person’s condition started deteriorating as soon as he saw it. In a hurry, the family members took him to Sadar Hospital. There the doctors of the emergency ward referred him to the dental department in the OPD.

Doctor saved life by doing operation

The family somehow talked to the doctor and the process of operation was started. Specialist doctor Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Ortho doctor Dr. Amar Kumar and Dr. Faiz saved the young man’s life by performing the operation. After removing the scab from the young man’s mouth, he was discharged from the hospital. At the same time, after the treatment, the family members have breathed a sigh of relief. This incident was surprising. In the viral video, you can see how doctors are operating on a young man in the hospital.