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Sneezing, dancing, driving a bus and sitting, how is heart attack making youth its victims?

Case-1: Meerut incident. Date 04 December. Three friends were going somewhere at night. One sneezed and a 20-22 year old boy fell down. He died as soon as he fell. He was immediately taken to the doctor, but could not be saved. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Case-2: Bareilly incident. Date 04 December. Prayer was going on in the school early in the morning. Suddenly the health of 23-year-old teacher Govind Deval started deteriorating. Other fellow teachers took him to the doctor, but could not be saved. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Case-3: A case of Lucknow. Date 03 December. In Bhadwana village of Mahilabad area, a bride died soon after garlanding her groom. The bride fell on the stage as soon as she wore the garland. Took to the doctors, but died. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Case-4: This case is of Varanasi. Date 25 November. Uncle suddenly fell while dancing in nephew’s wedding. People thought that he was doing some dance step, but after a while it came to know that he had died. The name was Manoj Vishwakarma and his age was 40 years. Manoj fell in such a way that he never got up again. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Case-5: A 35-year-old gym trainer died of a heart attack in Ghaziabad. The incident is of November only. He was sitting on a chair, suddenly rolled backwards and could not get up again. Cause of death- Heart attack.

These are only five cases. There is another in which the driver had a heart attack while driving the bus. Don’t know how many examples would have been found if we sat down to add more cases in the copy. Think, heart attack is coming while sneezing, dancing and sitting. This is that death, which is not even felt. But have you ever thought why this is happening? Something has changed due to which silent heart attacks are coming. To find out the same, we spoke to renowned cardiologist, Dr. M. Vali.

Question: Some people have to say that this has happened because of COVID or vaccine?
Answer: The cases of heart attack always come to the fore, but these days its effect is being seen more on the youth. During the two years of COVID, the exercise capacity of the people has decreased. This has reduced the capacity of the heart and this can be a major reason for the increase in heart attacks.

Question: Will it be correct to say that the cases of heart attack have increased after COVID ?
Answer: There is a report of Stanford University on COVID . It has been said in this report that COVID has not only damaged the lungs, but it has also affected our fat. Through several fat removal operations, it has come to be known that there is COVID in fat as well. In such a situation, if there is an effect of corona on the fat on the heart, then it can be the cause of heart attack.

Question: What can be the reason for sudden death.

Answer: Sudden death is not the result of a day. Reducing exercise, effect of Kovid and cardiac uremia can be the reason for this.

Heart attack increased after COVID

According to the Queen Mary University of London, cases of blood clotting have increased three times in such patients who did not even have severe covid. While the cases of blood clotting have increased 27 times in severe covid patients. Heart failure cases 21 times and stroke cases 17 times. Before COVID in America, there were about 1.5 lakh heart attack case reports every year, which increased by 14% after the first wave of Corona and 44% after the second wave. The average age of heart attack patients was between 24 and 44.

CPR can save life

This is called cardiopulmonary resuscitation. If a person gets CPR in the initial time after a heart attack, then the chances of saving life increase 3 times. CPR is helpful in making blood flow in the body.