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Aliens abducted me 60 times… man made strange claim with proof!

Aliens and UFO, these are such words, which are just imagination. People believe that aliens do not exist, while some people believe that aliens exist. There are many people in the world, who have also claimed to have seen aliens, but the fact is that humans are still unaware of these creatures from a different world. Meanwhile, a person is being discussed a lot these days, who claims that not only has he met aliens, but he has also fought a war in space. This is quite a surprising and strange claim. Although that person says that his claims are not air-air, but he also has proof that he has met aliens. According to a man named Russ Kellett, there are different species of aliens in the universe and he has spent his last 30 years as a ‘super soldier’ fighting in the war between those different alien species. The 58-year-old man has also shared a footage and claimed that it is proof that there is life beyond Earth.

Aliens’ planes seen in the sky

According to Mirror’s report, Russ told that one evening when he finished his tea, he suddenly saw two giant balls shining in the sky. Then in a short while those balls disappeared in the clouds. After this, he took out his camera thinking that he might see such a mysterious thing again and started walking along the beach. Meanwhile, he saw several fighter jets of aliens simultaneously. He could not even believe his eyes. Later he captured this mysterious sight in his camera.

Secret hideouts of aliens are in the depths of the oceans

Rus believes that those planes of aliens came from a secret base under the North Sea. He says, ‘I think that aliens have made many secret hideouts in the depths of the oceans around the world, so that we humans cannot find them’. In an earlier interview to the Daily Star, Russ had told that aliens have abducted him at least 60 times. He was kidnapped for the first time when he was only 16 years old. He claims that the aliens were 15 feet tall and looked like some Dracula.