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Truth and Reality

Uttar Pradesh / Noida : The police had deposited 110 goats in the animal shelter home, on the orders of the court, when the police reached to collect the goats, the manager of the shelter said – the goats died

A strange case related to Sector-20 Kotwali police has come to light. 110 goats and goats deposited by the police are missing. On the orders of the court, the police have started investigating the matter by registering a case against the manager of the Animal Shelter House under relevant sections. The goats and goats, whose case has been registered against the manager in connection with the disappearance, were caught in 2021 under the Animal Cruelty Act. When the District Court ordered the goats and goats to be handed over to their owner, it came to light that the concerned animals had died.

Goats recovered from pickup vehicle

Goats and goats have died or the manager of the animal shelter house does not want to hand them over to the owners, the police is probing it. ACP Rajneesh Verma told that in June last year, the Kotwali police had caught a pickup, in which 110 goats and goats were stuffed.

Court sent animal shelter home

Auraiya’s Santosh was driving the pickup, so the police registered a case against him under the Cruelty to Animals Act and presented him in the court. The goats and goats recovered from the pickup were sent to the Animal Shelter House located in Sector-94. This is where the animals were being taken care of. The matter was sub judice. Now the court has ordered the Kotwali police to hand over the goats and goats related to the case to their owners.

Manager said – all died

Under the order of the court, when the Kotwali police contacted Yogendra, the manager of the shelter house, he refused to return the goats. The manager says that all the goats have died, so it is not possible to get them back. Investigation has revealed that goats and goats have been sold.

Police filed case

In order not to return it to the owners, the story of the death of the animals has been created. The court orders that the goats be handed over to its owner. Police has registered a report under section 406 of the IPC against Yogendra, the manager of the shelter home, for the recovery of the goats. This matter remained a topic of discussion on various platforms of internet media.