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Punjab and Haryana : Couple adopted brother and sister, then sexually assaulted, shocking incident in Gurugram

An embarrassing case has come to light in Gurugram of Haryana, adjacent to Delhi. Here the adoptive couple sexually abused the brother and sister. The accused couple, living in Sector-10 of Gurugram, had adopted a 2-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy on March 30, 2022. Then on July 12, 2022, they left both the children back as well. When the medical was done there, the sexual abuse and harassment was revealed. Deepak Sinha has given this complaint to the police on behalf of the Indian Society for Rehabitate organization in Kolkata. Kolkata Police registered zero FIR and sent the file to Gurugram. On this, FIR has been registered in Sector-10A police station under POCSO and JJ Act.

According to the information, Nitin Sharma and his wife living in Sector-10 have been accused. It is alleged that the couple had adopted a 2-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy from Kolkata. Both the children are siblings. On March 30, 2022, the couple adopted him and went to Gurugram. Then on July 12, 2022, these children were dropped back to Kolkata. Before sending the children back to the shelter home, their medical examination was done by the board. In this, the matter of sexual exploitation and harassment came to the fore.

Gurugram police registered FIR
Zero FIR was registered in the matter at Rabindra Sarobar Police Station, Kolkata. From there the case file was now sent to Gurugram Police. On which FIR has been registered in Sector-10A Police Station under Section 75 of JJ Act, Section 10 of POCSO Act and other sections.

Information sought by contacting Kolkata Police
Female SI Mukesh told that some information has been sought by contacting the Kolkata Police in the matter. Action will be taken forward as soon as the information comes.