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Madhya Pradesh / Morena: 3 brothers and sisters died due to unknown disease, the relatives believed that it was the shadow of ghosts! Doctors engaged in finding out the disease

Parents are very sad due to the sudden death of three siblings in Morena. One after the other, the health of all the three children suddenly worsened, fever came, then tremors started coming and soon all the three children fell asleep. The villagers are connecting this incident with the temple of the goddess built outside the village. At present, the family is also scared of witchcraft. It is being told about the case that three out of 5 children of Kalyan Yadav, a resident of Bhilsainya village of Kailaras development block of Morena district, have died. A few days back, 3 year old daughter Suman had fever. After this, he started having tremors, was given medicine and also got exorcised. Meanwhile, on December 19, 6-year-old daughter Radhika also started having tremors. Radhika died during treatment in the hospital. After this, 17-month-old son Vipin fell ill two days ago and died in front of his parents. Suman admitted to its hospital has died during treatment.

Relatives feared death due to ghost

Relatives say that when 3-year-old Suman fell ill, she was having tremors. Kalyan and his wife felt that there was a demon or goddess outbreak. He called the exorcist. Reached the hospital when there was no rest. Elder daughter Radhika had swelling in her head and was having tremors. She was admitted in Gwalior. After this, 17-month-old Vipin died in his mother’s lap.

The parents are in shock due to the loss of all three children. 3 out of 5 children of Kalyan Yadav have died. The family fears that the house is haunted. The health of both the elder daughters is bad. Due to fear, he has sent both of them to relatives. Wife Rachna has also been sent to Ojha in Shivpuri for exorcism.

Doctors engaged in finding out the disease

There is mourning in the village after the death of the three children. Everyone is reaching Kalyan’s house to console. The villagers are adding the story from the temple of the goddess built outside the village. When Dr. Mahendra Yadav reached the village, a large number of villagers were present at this temple. Dr. Mahendra Yadav says that the villagers themselves are scaring Kalyan by talking about Goddess Prakob. Here the villagers are saying that even a few years back, two-three people had died in the same way in the village.

In the case, doctors say that all three children may have mental illness or fever. Due to this the children were getting tremors. CMHO Dr. Rakesh Sharma told that it is difficult to say how Kalyan Yadav’s children died. Detecting disease. Possible brain fever (acute encephalitis syndrome).