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Why is Christmas Day celebrated all over the world on 25 December? What is its history, know what is Secret Santa

With the bitter cold, the tunes of ‘Jingle Bell Jingle Bell…’ have started dissolving in the air. The children are waiting for their gifts. Because they know that their Santa will come and bring them beautiful presents. After all, why does an elderly person distribute gifts on Christmas day or why do we celebrate this festival only on 25th December? There are many such questions, which must be troubling you. So this Christmas, know some special things related to this festival.

Why is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is called the Son of God. Tell me, ‘Christmas’ is made from Christ only. There is no mention of the date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible (the holy book of Christians). But every year his birthday is celebrated on 25th December.

First Christmas was celebrated here!

It is said that in 336 BC, during the time of the first Christian emperor of Rome, Christmas was celebrated for the first time on December 25, after which Pope Julius announced to officially celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25.

How did the Christmas tree start?

The Christmas tree originated in northern Europe thousands of years ago. At that time this festival was celebrated by decorating a tree named Fir. Many people also decorated the branches of the cherry tree during Christmas. But those who were unable to buy a Christmas tree, used to celebrate Christmas by giving the shape of a pyramid to the wood. But with time the trend of Christmas tree increased. Now everyone brings a Christmas tree and decorates it with chocolates, toys, lights, and presents.

This is how the secret gift game started

It is said that in the fourth century a man named St. Nicholas lived in Myra (now Turkey), a place in Asia Minor, who was very rich. But that person’s parents were not there. That’s why he always helped the poor, but secretly. Meaning, he used to try to make them happy by giving them secret gifts.

That’s why we put socks in the fireplace…

The story is that a poor man had three daughters, for whom he had absolutely no money to marry. When Nicholas learns of this, he decides to help her, but in secret. One night Nicholas reached near the chimney in the roof of the man’s house and put a bag full of gold in it. The man had put his socks in the fireplace to dry. Suddenly the sleeping bag fell near the socks. This happened thrice. The man saw Nicholas for the last time. Nicholas asked him to keep this secret. After this, whenever someone received a secret gift, it seemed that Nicholas had given it.

When the story of Nicholas became popular

When the story of Nicholas became popular among the people. Since then it has been customary to give gifts to children on Christmas. The story of Nicholas was first based on the story of Nicholas in Britain and he was named Father Christmas and Old Man Christmas. After this, the custom of becoming Secret Santa on Christmas day increased all over the world.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

In Christian countries, holidays for schools, colleges and offices take place even before Christmas. Markets, roads and malls are covered with Christmas trees. People celebrate Easter Eve on 24 December and party on 25 December, which lasts for 12 days. Yes, Christmas started on 25th December and continues till 05th January. Especially in Europe, this festival celebrated for 12 days is known as Twelfth Night.