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Rajasthan / Ajmer : LPG plant was installed at home, used to make commercial cylinders from domestic cylinders, dozens of cylinders recovered

More than 32 people had lost their lives due to the Jodhpur Tragedy. Despite this, which cannot be forgotten even today, the illegal business of profiteering by refilling LPG at a house in Kundan Nagar area of the city has come to the fore. The team of the Logistics Department raided the LPG plant running parallel to the gas agency. Here the business of making commercial cylinders from Jugaad pump was going on. The team has caught 420 kg of LPG in 68 small and big cylinders. Under the leadership of District Logistics Officer Financial Vinay Sharma Enforcement Officer Abdul Shaadi raided the house of Om Prakash Mali in Kundan Nagar Mali locality on Wednesday night where profits were being made by preparing commercial cylinders from domestic gas cylinders with 3 electronic pumps. Due to this profiteering It was not even estimated how much damage could have been done, for which the material has been seized while taking action on behalf of the department.

The team has recovered 32 small domestic cylinders, 31 commercial cylinders, six small cylinders of 5 kg, three regulators, two electronic forks, two illegal flutes used for refilling, 2 fire extinguishers and 7 broken seals. Legal action has been taken by the Logistics Department in this matter. Its being done.

A case will be registered against the accused Omprakash for endangering the EC Act, Explosives Act and human life. The team of Ajmer Logistics Department is continuously carrying out the action keeping in mind the information received from different places. More than 72 cylinders were seized while doing illegal refilling from Bharat Petroleum tank while executing action on the information of illegal refilling.