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Corona created furore in China, dead bodies are lying outside the cremation grounds

Corona has wreaked havoc in China. Everyday thousands of people are losing their lives due to Corona. The pictures that are coming are scary. As China’s new wave of COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals and morgues with millions of patients, a horrifying video has emerged where people can be seen waiting in long queues outside cremation grounds in the country.

Heart wrenching video

A video shared on Twitter by health expert Eric Feigel-Ding showed heartbreaking scenes of families queuing up to cremate the bodies of their loved ones. Dang tweeted along with the video and wrote, “Long queues at cremation grounds… Imagine not only having to wait for hours to cremate your loved ones, but carrying their dead bodies for all those hours.” Gotta go… Let’s empathize with the horrific #COVID19 wave in China.”

10 thousand people are dying every day

A leaked document purportedly from China’s National Health Commission revealed that nearly 248 million people across the country, roughly 17.56 percent of the total population, contracted COVID-19 between December 1 and 20, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported. were influenced by After getting three crore 70 lakh corona infected in one day, the Chinese government has banned the release of official figures. In China, eight thousand Chinese citizens died due to corona infection within a day on Saturday. Earlier, on December 21, maximum 10 thousand 700 people died.