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Bihar / Patna : Sister’s love story has a dreadful ending by brother! Cut sister’s lover into pieces and feed it to dogs, shed some in the Ganges?

Killing first and then cutting the dead body into pieces has become common these days. After the murder of Shraddha, many such news are coming out from all over the country. The latest case has come to the fore from the Bihar floods. Where a police has revealed a dreadful incident. Here the police have arrested a murderer who killed a young man and cut his dead body into pieces. After this, this person fed some pieces of the dead body to the dogs. And the accused dumped the remaining pieces in the Ganges.

In the police interrogation, the accused revealed the truth

The person whom the murderer killed was his sister’s lover. The accused was so angry with his sister’s love affair that he carried out such a dreadful incident. After coming into police custody, the accused confessed that he along with some people strangulated his own sister’s lover to death. After this, the accused cut the dead body into several pieces to hide the dead body. After which the pieces of the dead body were fed to the dogs. And the remaining pieces were thrown into the river Ganges. At the same time, after the matter came to light, people thrashed the accused youth fiercely. Meanwhile, the police rescued the accused from the clutches of the angry mob and took him into custody. After which the accused spilled all the secrets in front of the police.

Accused caught from mobile location

According to the information, the name of the deceased is Bittu. 20-year-old Bittu used to study while living in Sakunatkala under Manpur police station area of Nalanda district. But on December 15, Bittu went missing from Sakuntkala. After which the relatives had also filed a report of his missing. To find Bittu, the police had traced his mobile location. In which it was revealed that his mobile was with Barh resident Rahul Kumar. After which the police arrested Rahul and strictly interrogated him. In the police interrogation, the accused Rahul confessed to the murder in a love affair.

Rahul was waiting for the opportunity

In fact, Bittu, a resident of Nalanda, was in flood. According to the information, when Bittu had gone to his maternal grandfather 6 months ago, he had met Rahul’s sister. During this both of them became friends and both started talking to each other on mobile. Slowly both of them fell in love with each other. At the same time, the news of their relationship had come to Rahul. It is being told that Rahul is of criminal nature. On the other hand, as soon as he came to know about his sister’s love affair, Rahul started waiting for the opportunity. Meanwhile, when Bittu was called by his girlfriend to meet him, Rahul brutally murdered him.