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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut : The family kept waiting to get out of the bathroom, the war with death was going on inside, the young man lost his life

Paper mill production manager Ajit died after suffering for 20 minutes. Many marks of his struggle have been found in the bathroom. He was lying on his back in the bathroom. The nail marks on the door were telling that they tried hard to open it but did not succeed.

No sound came from inside the bathroom
Due to the explosion of the geyser, the ceiling and wall in the bathroom had also turned black. With the geyser burst, gas leaked and Ajit suffocated inside the bathroom. The skylight in the bathroom at the back didn’t help either. The reason for this was that it had a net which was completely closed from inside. The inside of the bathroom could be seen only after uprooting the net. Relatives told that mother Nirmala was waiting for Ajit to leave the bathroom. He also had to go to the bathroom and take a bath. Usually Ajit used to take only 10 to 15 minutes in the bathroom. However, when it took more time that day, the family members also called from outside. If there was any sound from inside, those people would have saved Ajit by breaking the door.

The relatives refused to get the post-mortem done
The relatives also informed the police in this matter. However, the post-mortem of the dead body was refused. It was told that the geyser was installed in Bathru about six years ago. It had also deteriorated 20 days back. But the mechanic was called and got his service done. About 4 days ago, when the geyser broke down again, it was got serviced again. However, no one has any information about how suddenly the geyser exploded on the day of the incident. Relatives say that this accident happened due to the negligence of the mechanic. At present, the family is waiting for Ajit’s brother to return from Mumbai. The body will be cremated as soon as he returns. In this case, the mechanic says that the PCB of the geyser was replaced when it was damaged. Although he has no information about how the gas leaked.