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Uttar Pradesh / Mahoba : Nilgai was hunting, pregnant woman got shot

In Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, a pregnant woman working in the field was seriously injured after being shot by poachers. The seriously injured woman has been referred from the Community Health Center to the District Hospital of Jhansi for treatment. The condition of the woman here remains critical. The incident is of Kohniya village of Panwadi police station area. According to the information, Bhupendra Singh Rajput living here was working in the field with his 30-year-old wife Vandana. Vandana was cutting fodder in the field, when some hunters who were hunting nilgai nearby got shot at Vandana.

As soon as the bullet hit, Vandana fainted and started suffering. At the same time, the husband ran after hearing the sound of firing. That’s why all the hunters also fled from the spot. The husband and family members reached Panwadi Community Health Center with the injured Vandana, from where she was referred to the district hospital after first aid. Doctors told that the bullet hit the woman’s stomach. The condition of her and the child in her womb is critical. At the same time, Vandana’s husband Bhupendra Singh Rajput told that other hunters including Farid, a resident of Bijrari village, were hunting Nilgai. Two shots were fired by him. His wife was injured due to the bullet. On seeing all this, all the accused hunters fled from the spot.

Let us tell you that there is not only a ban on the hunting of Nilgai. Rather it is also a crime. Despite this, hunters are openly hunting Nilgai. Mahoba’s CO Sadar Ram Pravesh Rai told that the matter has come to his notice. A case has been registered against the shooters. All the accused are still absconding. Soon he will be arrested.