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Delhi : In the Kanjhawala Case, CCTV footage of Anjali’s friend Nidhi surfaced on the night of the accident, she was seen knocking at the door at 1:36 am

New facts are coming to the fore in the investigation of Sultanpuri incident. Police is connecting link to link so that the conclusion can be reached at the earliest. Many CCTV footages related to this case are coming to the fore, seeing which it seems that the mystery of this scandal is about to be solved. Now in this case new CCTV footage of Anjali’s friend Nidhi has come to the fore.

This CCTV footage is of the night of the accident. It can be seen that Anjali’s friend Nidhi is nervous after the accident. In this panic, she is entering inside the house. This footage is being told around 1:30 in the night, when Nidhi has reached her home. It can be clearly seen in the footage that Nidhi is wearing a red jacket. That night Nidhi stood outside the house for a long time and kept knocking on the door. Then someone opened the door and she hurriedly went inside the house. This entire video footage has been captured in CCTV.

Didn’t tell anyone out of fear

Nidhi has told during interrogation that she was very scared on the night of the accident. He didn’t tell anyone about this incident out of fear. During interrogation, Nidhi told that there was no one at the spot at the time of the accident, she felt that no one had seen anything. Nidhi’s house was very close from there. So she went home. She went home and slept. The next day when she woke up and saw TV, she was shocked. Saheli has given a statement that due to fear she did not contact the police.

Anjali insists on driving a scooty while drunk.

Significantly, Nidhi told earlier on Tuesday that her friend Anjali was in an inebriated state, she was insisting on driving the scooty, while Nidhi was refusing to let her drive the scooty. Speaking to news agency ANI, Nidhi said that after being hit by the car, she came under the car and dragged along with it. I was very scared of this incident and ran away from there. I returned quietly from there and did not tell anyone anything.

What is the whole matter

After hitting a girl riding a scooty on New Year’s night, five accused in a car dragged her for ten kilometers. The family is alleging rape and brutality like Nirbhaya before the murder. At the same time, the police have registered a case of accident and culpable homicide.