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Rajasthan / Sirohi : I was heartbroken! became son-in-law, absconding with mother-in-law

The son-in-law fell in love so much that he lost his heart on the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law who found a son-in-law for her daughter, the same mother-in-law lost her heart on the same son-in-law and ran away with him. The incident is of Siyakara village under Anadara police station area of Sirohi district, where the incident of absconding with the son-in-law of the mother-in-law has come to light. According to the information, Ramesh’s son Nekaram Pauwa Jogi resident Siyakara gave a report at Anadara police station and told that his daughter Kisna was married to Narayan’s son Rupa Jogi resident Mamawali. After marriage, his daughter and son-in-law Narayan used to come and go to his house.

Father-in-law was invited for a liquor party on New Year

Last month on December 30, 2022, Narayan had come to Siyakara and during the same time both father-in-law Ramesh and son-in-law Narayan had a liquor party. Taking advantage of the same liquor party, the son-in-law absconded with his mother-in-law. When father-in-law Ramesh woke up at 4 in the evening, Narayan and his wife were missing from the house. After searching here and there she was not found, then she came to know that her son-in-law had taken her away by seducing her.

Female age around 40 years

Anadara police is engaged in the investigation of the case. Mother-in-law has three daughters and one son and all are married. The same Narayan also has three children, out of which he has taken a girl child along with him. The age of the woman is around 40 years while Narayan is 27 years old. Anadara police is looking for son-in-law and mother-in-law. It was revealed in the information that both liked each other, after which they took the step of running away from home to live together.