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CJI DY Chandrachud will not live in the bungalow where he spent his childhood with his father, the address of the Chief Justice of the country is going to change for the first time

For the first time the address of the Chief Justice of India is about to change. Chief Justice DY Chandrachud is about to shift to 19 Akbar Road bungalow in Lutyens Delhi. Justice Chandrachud will not be staying in the 5 Krishna Menon Marg bungalow reserved for the Chief Justices of the country. According to information, former Chief Justice Justice UU Lalit has not yet vacated the bungalow at 5 Krishna Menon Marg and is expected to vacate the bungalow by the end of February. After that repair and all the improvement works have to be done, which may take months.

Why is Justice Chandrachud shifting to a new bungalow?
Justice Chandrachud (DY Chandrachud) is currently living in a bungalow at 14 Tughlaq Road, Lutyens’ Delhi. In the year 2016, when he was appointed as a judge in the Supreme Court, he was allotted this bungalow. Since then, he has been continuously living in this bungalow. According to a TOI report, Justice Chandrachud’s bungalow at 14 Tughlaq Road is quite small.

Especially after becoming the Chief Justice, there is a crowd of people at Justice Chandrachud’s house, from the Chief Justice of the High Court of different states to the judges and many other people keep coming. In such a situation it becomes difficult to manage. There is no proper place for Justice Chandrachud’s assistant and staff at the Tughlaq Road bungalow.

The new bungalow is two-story
In view of all the problems, the search for a new bungalow started, which ended at 19 Akbar Road. The bungalow at 19 Akbar Road is a two-storey building, with one part housing office space. Justice UU Lalit lived in this bungalow before becoming the CJI and during that time many new facilities were added to this bungalow.

Let us tell you that Justice Chandrachud’s father, Justice YV Chandrachud, was also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and spent his time at 5 Krishna Menon Marg. Justice DY Chandrachud’s childhood from 1978 to 1985 was spent in this bungalow. Staying here, he studied from school to college. Spent time with friends.

Let us tell you that before Justice Chandrachud, Justice GB Patnaik, Justice BN Kripal, Justice S. Rajendra Babu and Justice UU Lalit also did not shift to the official 5 Krishna Menon Marg bungalow when they were Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. His tenure as CJI was very short.