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Uttar Pradesh / Badaun: The mongoose killed the snake, the snake also gave up its life by hitting the corpse on the corpse, someone is surprised to see the sight

Nag-Nagin’s love story in PK Badaun has a sad ending. After the death of Nagin, Nag also gave up his life after two days after getting injured in separation. The villagers performed his last rites near the serpent. After this incident, the villagers are moved by the live love story of Nag-Nagin. While saving her life partner Nag from a mongoose in village Nagla Dallu of Bilsi police station area, the serpent herself fell prey to it. After the death of the snake, the snake became unconscious and became helpless. He injured himself by hissing on the ground. He did not leave the spot after Naagin’s death on Wednesday. He was lying unconscious at the same place. Till Thursday night people saw him lying in the fields, but he was breathing. By the time the villagers reached the spot on Friday morning, he had broken his breath.

Funeral done at the place of serpent

The place where the serpent was cremated by the villagers. The villagers also performed the last rites of the snake by digging a pit at the same place. People have appreciated the love of Nag-Nagin. Whereas, the mongoose is cursed. Every eye became moist due to the tragic death of Nag Nagin, who had been living together near the Devasthan for many years. Talking of films, people were moved to see the end of the unique love story from the front. The story of the lover of Nag-Nagin was appreciated everywhere.

Negligence of forest department

The complete negligence of the forest department is visible in the matter of death of snake after snake in Nagla Dallu. For three days, Nag was getting injured by hitting his head due to the death of the serpent, but the Forest Department team did not reach the spot nor did any arrangement for treatment. DFO AK Singh had given instructions to the ranger of the concerned range. Here the forest department did not even understand the responsibility of post mortem after the death of both. The villagers buried the serpent and the serpent.

Couple loves each other very much

Forest officials tell that like humans, animals also love their couple very much. In such a situation, if one of the snakes dies, then the one who remains among them expresses sorrow. At the same time, in these days, snakes get coated, in such a situation, they are not able to remain very active. Because of which the incidents of death of snakes in the attack of mongoose increase these days.