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Uttar Pradesh / Firozabad: Gone miracle! That woman got up and drank tea, whose funeral was to happen, know what happened next morning?

A surprising case has come to light in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, where an 81-year-old woman was declared dead by the doctors and handed over to her relatives. As soon as this news was received, all the relatives started reaching home to participate in the last process, meanwhile suddenly the woman’s breath returned and she became alive. Seeing the woman alive, there was no limit to the happiness of the family members, they made the woman drink tea, got her slaughtered, but she died the next morning. In fact, this case pertains to Vilaspur area of Jasrana police station area, where Sughar Singh’s wife Harbhoji was admitted to the private trauma center in Firozabad on December 23 after her health deteriorated. Meanwhile, her condition kept on deteriorating, after which on Tuesday the doctors spoke to the family members and said that the woman’s heart and mind have become dead, they can be taken home. After which the family members also informed the rest of the family members about this and informed the relatives.

The breath returned after the car got hit

After the hospital, when the family members were bringing Harbhoji back home, then near Makhanpur, the car got jolted, due to which the woman’s breathing suddenly returned. She vomited and she regained consciousness. The family members were very happy to see Harbhoji in his senses. After which he immediately brought him home and served him water, the family members also gave him tea and in the joy of his recovery, but his happiness could not last long, Harbhoji died the next morning, after which his The funeral has been done.

Son told the story of returning breath

Describing this whole incident, Harbhoji’s son Sugriv Singh Yadav told that the doctors had declared his mother dead, after which he was bringing her back home, when suddenly her breath returned. After this, he was given tea and given Godan, but the next day again his breathing stopped.