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Madhya Pradesh : Uma Bharti spoke on the Joshimath incident, ‘I had refused to make a power project when I was a minister’

Former CM Uma Bharti reached Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior district today. While giving a big statement on the Joshi Math disaster case, he said that there are 3 big powerful mafias in the country, in which, the liquor mafia, the mining mafia and the power generation mafia. During this, former CM Uma Bharti said that the mountains of the Himalayas are raw mountains millions of years old. In such a situation, a tunnel has been made under Joshimath. He said that when I was a minister, I had given an affidavit that a big power project should not be set up on the Ganga and its tributaries in Uttarakhand. In such a situation, if you are planning, then small power projects should be set up, but the three mafias of the country have ruined Uttarakhand. The BJP leader said that permission is taken by managing the environmentalists. Today the Joshimath incident has become its result. Since, it is the penance place of Adi Shankaracharya. That’s why we will not let Joshimath be destroyed, that’s why I am going there.

SC/ST get reservation in private sector – former CM

On the other hand, BJP’s fire brand leader Uma Bharti has been putting the state government in trouble for a long time by running a movement against liquor, but now she has also indicated her new strategy regarding reservation. During this, after reaching Gwalior, the former CM said that SC, ST and OBC should get reservation in the private sector as well, in such a situation, the reservation which is available now is very less. He also said that the poor upper castes should also get reservation.

Congress should remember Emergency when it talks about democracy- Uma

During this, Uma Bharti said that Uma Bharti has taken a dig at the Congress’s allegations regarding the cow. Congress should not forget its history. When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of the country, she fired bullets on saints. Where saints and sages were killed in hundreds. At the same time, Jansangh workers and saints also went to stop cow slaughter, who were also killed. That’s why whenever the Congress talks about democracy, it should remember the Emergency. Also, if we talk about cow, then remember the bullets fired during Indira ji.