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Uttar Pradesh / Amroha : Suddenly the phone exploded in the young man’s hand while talking! Preparing to file a case against the company

A surprising case has come to light from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. Here a young man was talking to someone on the phone, then something happened that he narrowly escaped and got scared. Know what is the whole matter after all. Actually a young man from Amroha was talking to someone on mobile. Then suddenly his phone exploded, due to which the young man’s finger got burnt. The phone exploded in such a way that its rags were scattered. The young man’s life was narrowly saved in this accident.

This shocking case has come to the fore from Hijampur village of Amroha district. Himanshu, who lives here, told that, “He had bought the mobile 4 months back. Today, when he was talking, his mobile exploded while talking. It was a matter of luck that he narrowly escaped. His finger was injured, but he is completely safe. The victim told that he had recently bought a new mobile for Rs 16,000, which exploded.

Now the victim youth has made a video of the torn mobile and the purchased bill and made it viral on social media. The victim youth says that he will take legal action against the company.