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Uttar Pradesh : There is no regret of playing with life! 12th pass was running the hospital, the name of the clinic was also changed twice

He is a doctor by profession, but his studies are only up to 12th standard. He not only treated patients but also performed operations. In whose name the hospital was registered, he is pursuing MBBS in Delhi. The nine doctors whose names are on the panel of the hospital never came to the hospital. Practice in other districts. This dreadful truth about Satyam Hospital and its director Ranjit Nishad was revealed by the police on Saturday. In Gorakhpur, a 12th pass youth was treating patients by becoming a doctor. Not only this, he also used to perform operations when the condition of the patients was critical. For this feat, he had also opened his own hospital in the city by the name of Satyam. SSP Dr. Gaurav Grover told reporters at Police Lines Auditorium that Satyam Hospital in Gorakhpur was running illegally for many years. The director of the hospital, Ranjit Nishad, without any valid degree, used to write medicines for the patients on the pad, by mentioning the name of the doctors in the list. Due to Ranjit’s negligence, the pregnant woman died on January 3 during treatment. A case of culpable homicide has been registered in the matter and Ranjit Nishad has been arrested and sent to jail under the Indian Medical Council Act.

He told that after the death of the pregnant woman, the police started investigating the matter and got this information. The role of some officers and personnel of the Health Department has also been found suspicious in the case. It is learned that the hospital was registered by the authorities without any investigation. A list of such people is being prepared. The SSP has also written a letter to the CMO for legal and departmental action against such people.

The name of the hospital was changed twice, first Chirag, then Priyanshu

The SSP told that Ranjit Nishad used to run the hospital by changing its name. Before Satyam, this hospital was also running under the names of Chirag Hospital and Priyanshu Hospital. The health department had sealed the hospital on both the names. This time he changed the name to Satyam. The hospital was registered on the degree of Dr. Sunil Kumar Saroj (MBBS). The doctor in whose name the hospital was registered did not attend to the patients in the hospital. Nor did he serve. It is being told that he is studying MBBS while living in Delhi. Nine names of doctors have been found on the pad of the hospital, who live in other districts and practice there.

The middlemen had got the registration done by meeting the workers

The SSP said that during interrogation it was found that Ranjit had taken the help of middlemen of the district hospital for the registration of the hospital. The middlemen had got the hospital registered without any investigation with the help of health department personnel. In this regard, a letter has been written to the CMO for action against the personnel involved in this malpractice.