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White vulture of rare species found in Kanpur, its location was once a remote area of the Himalayas

Vultures have come in the extinct category in the country. The government is also running many schemes for their protection. In such a situation, a good news has come from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. A white Himalayan vulture has been found in the Idgah cemetery here, which has been caught and handed over to the police. The wings of this vulture are about five feet. It is estimated that the age of this vulture is hundreds. A pair of vultures had camped here for many days. It is being told that after identifying the vulture, a young man named Safiq living in Idgah along with 5 other people caught him by pulling a big sheet. Hundreds of people gathered to see the white vulture. Information about this matter was given to the Colonelganj police. The police reached the spot and captured the vulture. After this, the police handed over the vulture to the forest department.

Director of Kanpur Zoo said – it is a matter of good luck

Kanpur Zoo’s Deputy Director Dr. Anurag Singh says that vultures have come in the extinct category regarding the finding of white vultures in Kanpur. In such a situation, it is a matter of good fortune to find this white vulture in Kanpur. This is the Himalayan Griffon Vulture. He told that these vultures used to be found on the snow peaks above 13000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains, which are not seen now. He said that a pair of vultures has been reported seen in Kanpur. If so, that would be a good thing. It will be a matter of good luck for our zoo, because if its pair is found, then we will be able to breed it.

Forest department engaged in search of female vulture

The finding of white vultures which have become extinct in the Himalayas in Kanpur is surprising for the forest department. How did this vulture come here? The Forest Department has started searching for the couple. It is believed that if the male vulture is here, then the female vulture will also be around the city. Will try to find him.

Shafiq, the young man who caught the vulture, says that the vulture pair was coming around the cemetery for several days. Today we have caught a vulture. It has big claws. The female vulture has flown away.