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Abhay told director Anurag toxic, said- I never demanded 5 star hotel, Kashyap apologized for being a liar

Actor Abhay Deol is currently busy promoting the upcoming drama series Trial by Fire. Meanwhile, Abhay has given his reply on the allegations leveled by director Anurag Kashyap. In an interview given to a media channel, Abhay called Anurag Kashyap a liar and a toxic person and said that he wanted to stay away from such people.

Due to this attitude of Abhay, the directors distanced themselves from him – Anurag
In fact, in an interview given to the media in 2020, Anurag had claimed that working with Abhay Deol was difficult for him. He told that Abhay wanted to do artistic films, but he also wanted to be treated like a main stream star. He wanted luxury and benefits because he comes from the Deol family. The filmmaker had claimed that the crew stayed in Paharganj for the shoot as the film’s budget was tight. But Abhay had said that he would stay in a 5 star hotel. Due to such attitude of Abhay, the directors started avoiding doing his work. Almost 2 years after the interview, Abhay has broken the silence on this matter.

I didn’t demand five star hotel – Abhay Deol
Giving clarification on the matter, Abhay said that Anurag has lied a lot about him to the people. In an interview given to Bollywood Hungama, Abhay said on the allegations against him – I did not demand a five star hotel, rather Kashyap came to me and said that I cannot live with him, because I come from the Deol family. Am.’

Anurag is a liar and a toxic person – Abhay
Abhay Deol further said in the conversation- ‘Because of Anurag, I got to learn a good lesson in life. I didn’t respond to his words because I don’t want any toxic person in my life. Anurag is a very liar and a toxic person. I would like to advise to stay away from such people.

Later Anurag apologized to me- Abhay
Abhay further told that all the things Anurag had said about him were nonsense. Not only this he revealed later Anurag apologized to him and Abhay forgave him. Abhay further told that he never talked to anyone in this matter, nor did he say anything about it in public.