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Ruckus on Bajwa’s talk! Said to Rahul Gandhi – Don’t make a fake person sit on the PM’s chair… Is there a target on Manmohan in gestures?

Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Legislative Assembly Pratap Singh Bajwa made such a statement which created a ruckus in the political circles. Everyone is strongly condemning his statement. During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the Congress leader in just a few gestures termed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as ‘fake’. The opposition parties of Punjab have besieged the Congress on this issue. Bajwa said that he wants Rahul Gandhi to be the party’s prime ministerial candidate in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Pratap Singh Bajwa, giving a speech in the presence of Rahul Gandhi from the stage during the visit, told Rahul Gandhi that you will be our Prime Minister when the government is formed and the way it has happened in the past that you (Gandhi family) will be the Prime Minister when the government comes. They refuse to become and make the fake Prime Minister sit on the chair. This time it will not happen and you will have to become the prime minister.

Trying to please the bosses

He said- “Dr. Manmohan Singh also got himself recognized all over the world with great dignity. He cannot be called ‘fake’ even in imagination, but if he is being called so, it shows that sycophants like Pratap Bajwa can go to any extent to please their masters.”

‘Take action against Kharge Bajwa’

The Akali leader demanded an immediate apology from the Leader of the Opposition for this act and withdrawal of his statement. Chandumajra also asked Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge to take action against Bajwa. He said that the silence of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress on Bajwa’s statement indicated that they too held Manmohan Singh in contempt. Rahul’s actions during the previous UPA regime, when he publicly undermined Manmohan Singh’s decisions, also proved this, he said. One can guess that this is the reason why Congress is now a finished force.