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Uttarakhand: Former MLAs unite again, conference increases political stir

In Uttarakhand, the political movement is intensified due to the gathering of former MLAs in the form of an organization, the special thing is that the first conference in the state has also been organized by the former MLAs. On the other hand, the gathering of former MLAs like this is giving rise to many political messages and speculations. Apart from this, former MLAs have also given various suggestions while participating in the conference on January 21.

In the past days, the political stir had intensified due to the coming of former MLAs on one platform, in which not only Congress but also former BJP MLAs participated. It is believed that the former MLAs, who are being ignored by their party and government, have prepared such an organization to get attention from the party and government along with trying to establish a separate platform.

However, former MLAs are continuously telling this organization to be limited to its responsibility towards the society and giving suggestions to the government on the basis of its experience. During the conference of former MLAs in the Vidhansabha today, suggestions were made to conduct a CBI inquiry into the recruitment scam. Apart from this, along with restoring the old pension, suggestions were also given to provide 70% employment to the local youth.

The special thing is that along with former Chief Minister Harish Rawat, many former BJP MLAs were also present in this conference. According to estimates, there are more than 120 former MLAs in Uttarakhand, out of which about 30 former MLAs had reached the conference. On the other hand, former MLA Rajesh Shukla was seen raging on the criticism of the government during the conference. However, during this conference, the conversation was limited to making suggestions. On the other hand, the suggestions made in the conference will be given in writing to the Chief Minister on Sunday.