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If you do not even know the difference between guarantee and warranty, then know

Whenever we buy a company’s goods from the market, the company gives us a guarantee or warranty on that product for a certain period of time. Although, guaranteed or warranty products are a bit expensive, but their reliability is good. Guarantee and Warranty both are different things. There are many people who do not know the difference between them and consider both to be the same. At the same time, there are some people who know their difference, but they remain confused about what are their provisions. Today, through this article, we explain to you the difference between them.

What does warranty mean?

Whenever we buy any goods from a shop and the shopkeeper tells us that the goods have a warranty for a certain period of time, it means that the seller is giving an assurance to the customer for a certain period of time that if the goods If there is any deficiency or defect within the specified time, then the seller or that company will get the goods repaired free of cost. Provided that in order to take advantage of this, it is necessary that you have a confirmed bill for that item.

For example, suppose you have bought a washing machine or any other electronic item, on which you have been given a warranty of 1 year. In such a situation, you get the benefit of that warranty that if the washing machine or any item on which the warranty has been given, if there is any defect in it within one year, then without paying any money, you can get it repaired by that shopkeeper or company. But for that you must have its confirmed bill or the given warranty card. That’s why while buying warranty items, take sure bill and your warranty card and keep them safely.

What does guarantee mean?

If the customer has been given a guarantee of 1 year on the goods purchased by the seller or the company, then it means that if the goods get damaged in the meantime, the customer can get a new replacement. In this too, this work is done only within the stipulated time. Apart from this, the customer must have a confirmed bill or guarantee card of that item.