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Uttar Pradesh / Dhanbad: 86 hours dharna was successful, girlfriend got boyfriend, marriage completed in temple

The girl, who was sitting on dharna outside her house for 4 days to marry her lover, finally got victory. Due to the fear of going to jail, the lover Uttam Kumar Mahato alias Patel bowed down and agreed to marry the girlfriend. On Sunday, in the presence of society and family members, both were tied in the sacred bond of marriage at the Lilaur temple in Gangapur. During this, the villagers along with the relatives of both the sides were present. Purohit Uday Tiwari got all the rituals of the marriage done in the temple premises.

After the marriage, the bride entered the same house in Maheshpur village with her husband with respect, where she had been sitting on a dharna for the last 86 hours after her lover refused to marry her. After the matter came to the media, the police of Baghmara Mahila police station and Rajganj police station took the girl to the police station at 10 pm on Thursday. After this, on her written complaint, a case of sexual exploitation was registered against her lover Uttam Mahato. Four other people were also made accused. Later the statement of the girl was also recorded before the judicial officer.

Happiness on the girl’s face

To get married, the girl dressed up and reached the temple with her relatives at around 11 am. During this, laughter was being made on the face of the girl. The girl also posed for pictures with her female companions in the temple. After waiting for about two and a half hours, Uttam came to the temple with his family. After worshiping, both of them were duly married. After this, the girl also took many selfies with her husband. During this marriage of lover and girlfriend, more than a dozen people became witnesses.

Uttam’s father Hargovind Mahato, mother Khagia Devi, uncle, brother-in-law and other relatives were present. At the same time dozens of relatives were present including the girl’s father Nakul Mahato, mother Dulali Devi, grandmother Mangani Devi who was with her every moment. Along with this, AJSU party’s central member Jitendra Nath Mahato, district spokesperson Mahendra Mahato, Mahadev Mahato, Prem Mahato etc. were also present.

Married to a girl sitting on the doorstep due to fear of law

After four years of sexual exploitation by the lover, the unhappy girl had filed a case against the lover and family members for refusing to marry. The girl had also supported the FIR before the judicial officer in the court. Here Uttam’s relatives were watching the whole activity of the legal process and were taking information every moment. The fear of tightening the noose of the law started troubling the relatives of the young man. Only after this, he started the initiative to calm the matter late in the night and surrendered.

Four days ago, after absconding from the lover’s house, the girlfriend sat on a dharna outside his house in Maheshpur village, insisting on getting married. Meanwhile, the relatives of the young man had closed the main door, but the girl kept sitting in the cold under the open sky with the insistence of marrying her lover.

“A marriage is proposed between the boy and the girl side. I expressed my happiness and promised to do all possible help. Arranged the marriage material and got all the marriage rituals done.

–Manoj Kumar Mahto, Head, Maheshpur (Forest) Panchayat