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Bihar: Dog needs caste certificate! Profession told student

A dog has applied for caste certificate in Bihar’s Gaya district. Every officer and employee is surprised to see the application. The dog’s Aadhaar card is also attached in the application. This matter is in a lot of headlines these days. It is being told that the dog has also written its name, parents’ name and home address. The dog has written its caste backward class. The officials are now trying to find out who has done this work.

Mother Ginni, Father Sheru

This matter has come to the fore in Guraru Zonal Office of Gaya district. Here online application for dog breed certificate has been made. The dog’s name is Tommy, mother’s name is Ginni and father’s name is Sheru. Male is written in the gender and Village Pandepokhar, Panchayat Rauna, Ward No. 13 Circle Guraru Thana Konch is written in the address. In it the date of birth of the applicant is written as 14 April 2022. He has written himself a student in the profession. After seeing all these things, all the officials are upset.

The topic of discussion has been made in the whole city

After the arrival of this application in the office, the matter has spread all over the city. This matter is being discussed everywhere. However, after examining the application, the officials have canceled it. The Aadhaar card used at the time of application has also been found to be fake. Circle officer of Guraru Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi told that someone has done this mischief. The mobile number given along with the application has been verified to be in the name of some Raja Babu. Efforts are being made to identify the applicant. Action will be taken against the mischievous people.

Attempting to reach the applicant

The officials are now ascertaining who has made this application and from where. The officials have started investigation regarding this. It is being told that some youth in the district itself has done this mischievous act. Officers will reach him soon.