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Kerela: How did this miracle happen? Returned alive after 8 months, the person whose family had performed the last rites

Can a person be alive even after cremation? Yes, this question recently arose regarding a person. He was officially dead. After this the family performed his last rites following the religious traditions, but after a few days he came back alive. Due to which everyone’s senses flew away. However, when the investigation took place, the whole matter came to the fore. According to information, a man was found in a hotel in Goa on Tuesday. Whose age is 36 years. He was identified as Deepak Balakrishnan Kandi, a resident of Kerala, who was declared dead a few months back. His family even performed his last rites in front of everyone. The incident was immediately reported to the Kerala Police and was handed over.

Was missing since June 7

According to media reports, Deepak had gone missing on June 7 last year from Meppyur town in Kerala. After this, the family members lodged a complaint with the police. The police investigated but could not find any clue of him. In July, police recovered a body from a Kerala beach. The police identified him as Deepak and handed over the body to the relatives.

Whose body was cremated?

The family members were also trying to forget the sorrow of death by performing the last rites of their son, but now it is known that their son is alive. He has been caught by the Goa Police. Investigation revealed that all this happened due to mistaken identity. The body handed over to the family by the Kerala Police was not that of Deepak but that of Irshad, a native of Fanthirakara in Kerala.

Deepak lived in many states

Deepak told the police that he had traveled across the country including Jaipur, Delhi and Punjab before reaching Goa recently. He was in a hotel in Margao, but suddenly he came on the radar of the police. Later his identity was revealed to the world.