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Nainital increased tension after Joshimath, seeing the condition of mall road, everyone is upset

In Uttarakhand, concern has also increased about the favorite tourist destination of tourists Sarovar Nagri. Along with Joshimath, the focus is now on Nainital as well. Here, the ever increasing cracks on the Lower Malrod have raised apprehensions of great danger.

Significantly, in the year 2018, about 25 meters of Lower Malrod was covered in the lake and till now it has not been treated. This is the reason why now problems are being seen in Upper Mall Road as well. Cracks have emerged there too. The tension has increased due to the widening of cracks due to traffic.

In this sequence, on Saturday, the employees of Lonivi did temporary treatment of cracks with bitumen and sand, but there is a need for permanent treatment. According to Executive Engineer Deepak Gupta, a proposal for permanent treatment is being prepared and sent to the government. DM Dhiraj Garbyal says that there is an attempt to release the budget soon from the government level.